Beyond The Vernal Mind


Attainable contains inspiration which will vitalize everyone to be mentally stimulated to feel all the wonderful things around us. The twelve chapters herein are the real guidance about gleaning only positive things from everyday life, despite all the negativity of today’s world. Enlivening illustrations here laid between and within the lines to feed the readers’ minds with essential soul-food, allowing them to learn amazing things: from the milky way’s galactic glory to the boneless invertebrates of the animal kingdom. Readers of Attainable will realize that life teaches in its own language which we will be able to decipher, if we are willing to learn it positively. This book manifests how we can attain peace of mind by learning good things from the various lessons ‘life’ offers us.

The Half Circle

The Half Circle is a literary blend of short stories and poetry which reveals the author’s perspective about the rapture of life and the affliction around it. This book is a brief reminder of our transitory existence in this world and about how the grace of beauty still survives within our souls, despite all vileness of the dark. Like a star culminating at midnight, here the joy of hope can reach a crescendo even in the absence of light.

To Evince the Blue

This book provides a contrast between a worldly life of learning and pleasure. This is not merely a book of poetry, but a serene place to align our minds with a union of words and images. Here, all the poems have their own melody which deal with simplicity of language, written on themes as mortality, love, life, death, the relationship of human spirit to the senses and so on. Imagery here is almost tangible; every image having a stamp of reality. It is meant to be a reminder to the readers of life’s mystical elements, its beauty and darkness where truths are directed towards an undefined freedom, that each can partake.


FIRECLAY is a book of poetry which shows that the breath of life is everywhere to inhale, if we are attentively mindful to the longings and hopes deeply rooted within us. Here the poet is an observer who looks on the world through the window of optimism. Each poem delicately frames various elements of life and living making an imaginative appeal to the senses of readers. From the deepest core of the ocean to the glittering stars of a dark night sky – wonders of our world here abundantly deploy joyful resources by giving an exploratory feel to the readers’ minds. The diverse themes of poems in this collection invite us to be centred around the strength of humanity. Our memories from the past, elegance of trees and other beauties of nature, our dreams for a fruitful destiny – all comes alive through the soulful verses of Fireclay.


This book is a little collection of the author’s thoughts from November 2014 until June 2016. It consists of short and untitled verses. Every verse here echoes the reality of life showing how human mind soaks itself in the whispered voice of poetic truth. There is a genuine mystical strain in every line reflected through the vivid imagery of the poems. This book expands the readers understanding of our transitory life filled with joy and sadness, darkness and light.